RES Tractors is a MacDon main dealer and we can supply all MacDon products, including the FD1 FlexDraper combine header.


MacDon FlexDraper and Draper Headers are designed to maximise productivity in the most challenging harvesting situations. The cutting-edge Active Float System keeps the header true-to-the-ground, providing outstanding pick-up performance. This helps ensure you get the most from your yield, for any crop, in any condition.



With MacDon Flex-Float Technology, you will get a consistent, optimal yield. The flex advantage comes from a fixed reel-to-cutterbar relationship, which maintains a small gap between the reel fingers and cutterbar, while the Active Float System allows for instant lateral and vertical float response over rolling and uneven terrain.




Below you can find some further resources about MacDon headers:

- MacDon FD1 Combine Headers Brochure (PDF)

- MacDon FD1 Performance Options (PDF)

- MacDon FD1 Header Recommended Settings (PDF)



For further information about the FD1 FlexDraper header, or other models in the MacDon range, please contact Bob Skinner:

Telephone: 01949 861615


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