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1,25 m

1,2 m

80 HP

2,05 m

16 pcs.

72 mm

4,66 m

2,62 m

2,55 m


4750 kg

Single axle

Hydraulic brakes

Universal drawbar - height adjustable using spindle

50 mm rotating

Wide-angle drive shaft on one side, Equipped with a cam-type clutch

1 3/8" 6-splines

Pick-up 5-row, working width 2050 mm Floating suspension 120 mm of movement 2 transverse augers per side


Crop press roller with ¿ 200 mm

LIFTUP Rotor with patented twist design, 4 rows of tines, placed offset

FLEXCUT 16 Short chop - chopping system with TWIN BLADE reversible knives Variable knife operation system, mechanical NONSTOP knife protection system

Hydraulic folding of knife bank and cutting floor Patented EASY MOVE function, slide knife bank

Fixed chamber-compression system with 18 rollers Large dimensioned bearings 50 mm

Tangential crop flow into the baling chamber 2 aggressive starter rollers top and bottom

Designed for the highest bale chamber pressure

Net wrapping

Net size max. 1.30 m, diameter up to 0.31 m

Automatic chain lubrication Central lubrication block

Electronic pre-SELECT CONTROL

2 x double acting BG 3 1 x Free return BG 4

1 x 7-pin lighting plug 1 x 3-pin Cobo plug

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