PLM Guidance


Precision Counts

Farming has changed a lot over the years and it has become more important for the modern farmer to keep up with the technological tools available to them to achieve maximum results.

Real Time Kinematics (RTK) is becoming a popular system tool for year to year accuracy and precision.

Precision technologies are revolutionising Agriculture and farmers are using them to reduce input cost, improve yields and increase efficiency.

At RES Tractors we offer market leading solutions to help you maximise yields, control input costs and optimise profits.

- Controlling your equipment with accuracy using PLM guidance.
- Reduce field compaction to improve yields.
- Control rate and flow applications of mixed fleets of implements.
- Increase your operator comfort.

At RES Tractors we have our own specialist advisor, Will Marshall, who can help you through the process of understanding what this system can do for your business.

Contact Will on 01949 861615 or 07972 102323 and start saving money.

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