RES Tractors is a main dealer for manufacturers including: New Holland, Manitou, Amazone, Polaris and Lely


Special Offers

RES Tractors is pleased to offer a variety of product and servicing special offers. Our current offers are shown below, but all are available for a limited time only, so please Contact Us as soon as possible if you would like to take advantage of one of the great offers available.   

T6 & T7 Tractors - 5 year, 5000 hour, 0 Excess Cover

RES T6 & T7 0 Excess Service Plus Deal 2016

T5 & T6 Tier 4A Tractors

T5-T6 Tier 4A (time is running out)



 Polaris Special Offer October 2016


Cochet Header Trailer with 4 Directional Wheels

Cochet Header Trailer

JUST ARRIVED with us ready for our demo campaign this summer!

Equipped with 2 guiding axles (1 leader + 1 forced follower), Cochet's all new trailer follows the combine harvester without cutting corners.

It facilitates the numerous manoeuvres and U-turns that drivers have to carry out whilst harvesting. The trailer follows the combine harvester wherever it goes.

The length of the combine header trailer is identical to the width of the combine header, so that it doesn't take up too much space.

Having removed the tow bar, the front wheels are now placed under the header allowing it to gain up to 2 meters of overall length.

The field entrances being sometimes quite bumpy COCHET will provide, in addition to a very rigid chassis, a tilting front axle with a clearance of more than 35m.

To learn more about the Cochet Header Trailer, or to request a demonstration, please call our sales team on 01949 861615.


Special Offers on Enduramaxx® Rainwater Tanks

Enduramaxx Vertical Tanks

Enduramaxx® manufacture a range of Vertical Rainwater tanks from 500 to 30,000 litres, including slim line versions which can be interlinked for even greater storage capacity.

These vertical tanks are for collecting rainwater from your roof. By using rainwater filters and a rainwater tank for water catchment and storage, roof rainwater is not only a free resource but can be used for a multitude of purposes including private domestic usage such as washing machines, toilet flushing, and garden watering.

All Enduramaxx® tanks come with a full 10 year warranty!

Enduramaxx® products are made in the UK at the Enduramaxx® factory in Peterborough.

RES Tractors is currently offering special pricing on 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 litre vertical tanks. For a quotation, please contact the RES Tractors sales team on 01949 861615.

We also have special discounted pricing available on other products in the Enduramaxx® range, including Transport Tanks, Fertiliser Tanks and Sprayers.


Enduramaxx Products


Amazone UX3200 ECO Special Sprayer


Amazone UX3200 ECO Special Sprayer

Special nett 'on-farm' price of £33,500

The Amazone UX3200 ECO Special is a very well-equipped sprayer, with a 3600 litre spray tank and a 320 litre fresh water tank.

The UK3200 ECO Special comes as standard with:

  • AMASPRAY+ in-cab terminal with 7 section TG valve chest
  • UniTrail hydro-mechanical axle steering with hydraulic override
  • 270/95 R48 row crop tyres
  • Mudguards
  • Super-L2 24m boom complete with hydraulic fold and tilt
  • AIRMIX 04 air inclusion nozzles
  • Suction hose c/w basket filter
  • Clothing locker

To learn more about the Amazone UX3200 ECO Special Sprayer, or to request an Amazone sprayer demonstration, please call our sales team on 01949 861615.

Special Offers on Tyres

Manitou MLT 634 for tyre offers

AGRO-INDUSTRIAL ALLIANCE TYRES 460/70R24 on special offer @ £395.00 + VAT

Alliance Tyres Logo'Long life' tyres, specially designed around a robust carcass associated with quality components for a bigger resistance and a better performance.

XMCLMICHELIN TYRES 460/70R24 on special offer @ £610.00 + VAT

Michelin Tyres Logo Optimised rubber compounds help reduce wear to give exceptionally long life to this tyre for telescopic handlers and backhoe loaders.