RES Tractors is a main dealer for manufacturers including: New Holland, Manitou, Amazone, Polaris and Lely


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  1. Gallagher Neon Fence Tester

    Gallagher Neon Fence Tester

    Ex. VAT: £26.24 Inc. VAT: £31.49
    Description A convenient tool for checking whether there is sufficient voltage at the electric fence. Not suitable to check earth systems. Learn More

  2. Gallagher Digital Voltmeter.  Testers.

    Gallagher Digital Voltmeter. Testers.

    Ex. VAT: £74.58 Inc. VAT: £89.50
    Supplies exact information on the condition of your fence. Makes targeted trouble shooting very easy and therefore efficient. Auto ON/OFF. Helpful tool for checking earthing system. Learn More

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